ubuntu view animated gifs

The original version of Eye of Gnome (the default image viewer) in the latest UBUNTU distribution (9.10) is version 2.28.1 which doesn’t support animated gifs. I was able to correct that by upgrading to the latest (unstable) version 2.29.3

first we need to download the latest (unstable) version

wget http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/GNOME/sources/eog/2.29/eog-2.29.3.tar.gz

extract it

tar xzvf eog-2.29.3.tar.gz

change directory

cd eog-2.29.3

we need to install some development packages, to make sure everything necessary is installed run

sudo apt-get build-dep eog

then we compile and install the new version

sudo make install

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